We are keen to make sure that your recreational travelling needs are met.

If you take your Four Wheel Drive camping, touring or simply want to make the drive more comfortable and safe you are bound to have several electrical accessories that require a reliable power supply. Not only does Springers Solar provide these 12/24V accessories we also have a proud history of doing quality installations to accompany your Four Wheel driving power requirements.

We offer a wide range of battery management systems to ensure maximum life and keep your batteries in optimum condition. All auxiliary battery installations are designed specifically to meet your requirements. All installations are calculated to prevent voltage drop and are cabled correctly to provide maximum power to your accessories.

4WD installations include

  • Solar panels for your roof-racks, canopy or trailer to help you to become independent on the road giving you a sustainable source of free power.
  • Dual battery systems specialising in Redarc BCDC chargers and isolators.
  • Tough and reliable deep cycle batteries including Full River, Ritar and OzCharge.
  • Multiple vehicle mounting options for your auxiliary battery including under tray and engine bay.
  • Wide range of inverters available to safely run 240V appliances.
  • Battery chargers.
  • Interior/exterior LED solutions and LED bars.
  • Range of TV Antenna’s.
  • Brake controllers.
  • Reversing Cameras.
  • All your auto electrical and 240V electrical needs.