Our Mission: To Change the Construction Industry

Passionate about developing the best Earthworks
Estimating Software application since 2009.

Our Story

It all began in 2008 when our cofounders James (2nd generation estimating software manager; user experience tragic and compulsive satirist) and Martin (one time engineer and project manager; CAD engine revhead; and cycling enthusiast) were working together on a construction estimating software project. They talked privately and debated openly about the direction of software in the building industry; and in the process identified many small niches where there was room for great software to make people’s lives better. In 2010 Pat came on board bringing his many years of experience in the construction industry and the business of selling construction software. He brings a long track record of prompt and helpful software support as well as cementing our policy of having an all left handed board of directors.

The greater good can only be ignored for so long and in 2009 they founded BrightBox Software with the goal of bringing a great user experience and innovative design to construction industry software.

BrightBox Software is a distributed team of passionate people working out of 3 different cities across the world. After an exhaustive research and development phase as well as extensive testing during 2011 and early 2012; MudShark was unleashed on a mostly unsuspecting building community on the 18th May 2012. We are continuing ongoing development and support of this product and are excited about its upcoming changes as well as future products that can keep pushing what computers can deliver to the construction industry.

Meet Our Team

Pat McCarthy

Managing Director

Pat brings considerable sales experience to the board, having managed businesses delivering enterprise software solutions to the construction industry for over 30 years.

Martin Shickle

Technical Director

Martin, one of the managing partners of Brightbox, is Technical Director. His main areas of responsibility are business growth, software development and customer support.

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