Great service and valuable advice.


I would like to express my gratitude to you for the professional way in which Solar was recently installed in my home. I must say it was refreshing when Joe came around and succinctly explained the systems you offer in a easy to understand manner with none of the usual pressure to sign a contract. I was impressed when the installers arrived on time and worked well together and installed the product as a well-oiled team. The courtesy shown by all of your staff was appreciated.

The install went smoothly and your team cleaned up before leaving. My interaction with your team has left me confident to say in all honesty that I would recommend your company to anyone. In addition to this installation I have over the last 5 years or so visited your shop in Lawnton on a number of occasions and received great service and valuable advice.

Please pass on my thanks to your staff.

Regards Eamonn & Cecilia
This is a satisfied customer

We had 6.27kW PV system installed by Springers Solar in March 2011.

With an extended family living under the same roof, power consumption was at +48kW hours/day. That equated to +$950 power bills at the unit rates of the time. With talk of rising rates in the foreseeable future the timing seemed right for installation of a solar PV array.

After extensive research we found Springers to be the supplier/installer most suited to the needs of our family. They gave expert advice on the system package required and handled all aspects of the job.

The installation was done in a professional manner and the workmanship of the finished job is excellent. All reference and commissioning documents (component IDs, instructions, and warranty & test certs) were presented in a dedicated binder at completion of works. Nice work Springers.

Our household power bills dropped by 80% after the installation. The family members at home figure has since dropped by 2 and the most recent bill was actually in the black. A credit from the power company, who would have thought...

A very large part of the decision to go with Springers was the fact that they don’t use sub-contractors. All aspects of the job and after sales service are handled by one entity – Springers.

Trying to obtain prompt after-sales support from suppliers who use primary/sub-contractor (sub sub-contractor?) business arrangements has left me frustrated and disappointed in the past.

This is a satisfied customer. Our experience with Springers Solar has been excellent. I would recommend Springers to anyone looking to have a solar PV system installed.

Barrie & Lesley Tibbetts
World-class solar PV system

My objective in investing in a solar PV system were 2 fold: (1) to neutralise my power bill & 2) pay back my capital investment in the system within 5 years. The second of these is an aggressive objective, but with careful planning to lower my power consumption, the continued rise in power costs, the feedback rebates from the government, as well as the selection of an high-efficiency solar generating system, the modelling I did in conjunction with Springers, proved it was theoretically possible.

It was for these reasons that I chose Springers Solar as my product and installation partner due to their experience in the development of the solar industry in Queensland, their knowledge about how to qualify for the maximum rebates, their support for leading edge products from the best manufacturers, and their assistance in detailed modelling of my potential savings with the proposed installation.

Today I now have 150 Solar panels on my rooftop, providing 30kW capacity, all designed within the footprint of my roof & invisible from public eye, implemented with Suntech Panels & SMA inverters. I was very happy with their pre-sales support, the quality of the installation, their handover and the results to-date. I believe that the advice & guidance Springers Solar gave me has helped provide me with a world-class solar PV system that will provide optimal results for many years to come.

Wayne Land
Above and beyond

Good morning Eddie

We wish to thank you and your team for your assistance yesterday. You went above and beyond what was expected with your service.

The new TV is great and we should have many years of viewing pleasure.

You can be sure that we will be singing your praises to fellow travelers as we move around.


Julie & Bob Head
Absolutely great…
.. the way they handled themselves and how helpful they were.
Alycia Johnston
Administration Manager
Quality and fast advice

Hi Eddie and team. Just another big thank you for the great service on my solar camper van upgrades. In this age of countless uninformed, unskilled solar companies it’s a pleasure to get straightforward, quality and fast advice from you.

Nigel Morris
Solar Business Services
No wonder I keep coming back!

Hi Eddie. Yet again, Springers has delivered great service and just the right products to help me with my solar camping needs. No wonder I keep coming back!

Nigel Morris
Solar Business Services

Dear Joe,

We would like to thank you for the service you have provided to us for our system at 664 Duckpond Rd, Moolboolaman.

We would like you to know that the guys that came up and put it all in, that they are a real credit to your company, we cannot speak more highly of them.

Their attitude, politeness and vigor for their work is outstanding.

We will be recommending you to everyone with out doubt.

Thank you again

Take care

Duncan & Di Williams
Old fashion service

The installation of the Solar Panels at 25 Harvey Street Strathpine was carried out Am Today The 2nd January 2013.

The installers were very efficient and courteous.

On completion I was advised how the System would operate, and what was required by me once Energex replaced the Meter.

However I wish to thank you for you quick response, when I requested a Quotation, and how you also followed up on all request or queries, Great to see that the old fashion service is still available.

Furthermore I will be recommending Springers Solar to all my Friends and anyone who wants a Solar Installation.

Morgan McAulay
Great advice

Howdy, I've had a bit of work conducted by your Lawnton workshop and purchased products at both Lawnton and Tingalpa. I've been real happy with your work and especially with Matt from the Lawnton store - he really made me feel at ease with great advice (both on the phone and in person) - just wanted to let you know that straight up front. I am a member of the Campertrailers.org and recently attended a camp in Upper Colo NSW, travelling 2200klm on a round trip of 10 days camping in state forests wherever we could. Found the set up brilliant and the camper 12v system is wonderful. I have to get the new Pajero sorted with 12v so I can install a new deep cycle battery and charging system plus various points in the vehicle for fridge and ancillary 'stuff'. Why i'm writing to you is that at the Colo camp Mr Collyn Rivers gave a talk and out of the blue mentioned a certain company in Australia which in his opinion, is the only company he is aware of that correctly sets up RV vehicles. He went on to say that the father and 3 son run business has such a great attitude and business ethic which is not closely followed by other busineeses in the country. At this stage the business wasn't mentioned, but I smiled as I thought of Springers straight away. Of the 100 strong crowd, many thought of who it could be but it Collyn finally mentioned 'Springers', I'm not so sure many people thought of your business. I was proud to tell people that I am Springers customer - but unfortunately I don't have any stickers or promotional material in any way.

So, to my question, what can you give me that I can put on my trailer? I'd like some smallish stickers to put on my batteries (both of them), perhaps the spare wheel tyre cover on the CT (it is a Lifestyle Camper Trailer but i'm more than happy to replace it with one of your screen printed ones, if you have them) or just a supply of business cards to hand out whilst on the road and camping with the local SEQ group. Some/many of the group use the services of a business based near Caloundra 'JTS' which they are only too happy to promote - but in reality, if Collyn Rivers promotes just one business - that in itself is the best recommendation ever. Thank you to all at Springers, I am a happy customer and will certainly be back.

Matt Stone
Excellent reputation

Hi Joe and Staff, just a short note to say Thank You very much for looking after me re the battery problems I had in the past.

Your service and professionalism is second to none and you certainly live up to your excellent reputation. Kind regards

Adrian Loffel
Friendly and professional service

I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time regarding the excellent after sales service your staff has provided. You installed a solar panel on our motor home about a year ago and I was very happy with the price and quality of workmanship. But I’ve been particularly pleased with the way Anthony and other staff members have patiently handled my enquiries, particularly during our last trip down south.

Many thanks for the friendly and professional service.

Phil and Dawn Hartnett
Woody Point
Honest operator


On 21/3/2011 Springer's installed a 2.66 kWh system at my premises at 40 Sport St Kedron.

Both verbally and in the contract Springer's guarenteed an annual yeild of 3934 kWh for the first 10 years (av. 10.78 kWh a day) of operation.

You said if the system did not meet this guarentee (and that if after inspection it was found to be in working order) that you'd install further panels (at no cost to me) to meet the stated target.

It was this guarentee (that no other company would match) that made me decide to go with Springer's (and subsequently recommend you to others).

Today, 28 Feb 2012, (with some 20 days yet to go before the initial 12 months, since installation, date of 21/3/12) the system clicked over to 3947 kWh (it produced 16.41 kWh today, the best day ever was over 17).

So, a big thank you for selling a product that has thus far met expectations and tlived up to the "sales pitch".

Let me assure you that from car ports, to new cars, to computers, to a new hot water solar system, yours is the only product and service that I've encountered in a long time where I have had zero reason for regret in the purchase of it and have not had to chase up installtion or performance issues.

I realise that you are at the more expensive end of the PV solar system market, and this no doubt results in lost sales to cheaper competitors, but I hope you never try to 'go cheap and nasty" to try and compete with the 'dodgy" operators as it is great to see a small family owned company produce such a good service.

By the way, by following your advice and minimising electricity use between 9.00am & 3.00pm we haven't paid a electricity bill since May last year and we are currently owed $472.00 credit by AGL (they are sending a cheque).

This is due to your system (we had the solar Hot water system installed only 2 months ago and while it has made a difference to our off peak useage we'd already had no bills and were in credit $350.00 prior to the SolaHart being installed).

It is a pleasure doing business with an honest operator.

Paul Robinson
Very pleased with the performance

Attn. Eddie - We want to say thank you to you, Joe and your staff for installing the new solar panels and system on our Coaster Motorhome after the CMCA Deni Rally. On arrival home we installed two more house batteries (total 4 now) and the system worked well on a recent 3 month trip, mainly off 240v power. We are very pleased with the performance.

Jeff & Marlene Schultz
Polite and friendly

I would like to say a special thank you to the installers for our job, I found them very polite and friendly, they cleaned up well after the job, and took into consideration our preferences in relation to the location and care of our property. I can speak from experience that these type of professional tradesmen are a rare find.

Rachael Sydney
Bookkeeping Services
Very professional

Hi Brian,

Firstly let me say that my recent dealing with your company were very professional from the initial inquiry, sales advice, installation and final hand over of the warranties. You should be very proud of the people that you have around you as their collective enthusiasm shines through against others I had meet in the industry.

The whole solar experience has got me thinking that I would love to be a part of this future. The potential and opportunities that can be created are boundless as the industry expands in the coming years.

You will need passionate people to take your product to the market place. I would like to put my hand up if and when an opportunity presents itself. I have worked in the sales industry all of my working life. My experience has been in the media with roles ranging from a sales director of a Sydney radio station to an advertising and promotions manager for the Brisbane City Council. My most recent role was at Quest Community Newspapers where I was the business development manager focusing on the Qld Govt advertising.

I see my value to you as more than just offering a broad sales experience but having a real empathy with the customers I deal with. Where my age would be a barrier these days in the media field, I believe that it would be invaluable in marketing solar systems to potential customers. From my experience people relate to mature far more than younger, raw sale people when making a considered decision.

If an opportunity does present itself I would be more than pleased to sit down with you to go through what I believe I could offer your business.

I am a local resident of Albany Creek which is close your Lawton operation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Kearney

Hi Michael,

I would like to thank you for all of your time and advice that you have provided, its appreciated and I will be in touch once I am ready to go.

Also I will be telling many others about Springers customer friendly service attitude, often hard to find these days particular in the automotive industry.

Thanks again,

Exceeded the recommendations

To Joe and our install crew,

Thanks for a top class experience from start to installed.

We selected Springers based on personal recommendations so strong that we did not even bother shopping around - most unlike us; but everything has met or exceeded the recommendations we received.

Initial advice was spot on and the install crew were amazing - neat, careful, answered all questions and got the job done very efficiently.

Thanks again

Ed & Cynthia.
What a wonderful company

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this testimonial as a very pleased customer. It is very rare that such great service is received that one feels compelled to write a testimony in gratitude to the service provider but at the same time to encourage other potential customers to benefit in the same way we have.

Springers Solar is truly a family business of the highest quality.

At the pre-service level, a representative of this wonderful family company meets with you in your house and discusses your needs while using the most modern technology to demonstrate the efficiency you are likely to achieve. All pricing and details are outlined in advance and are consistent with what their high quality website displays.

At the service level the work is carried out to a high standard with the highest respect paid to the residents of the home during the process.

After service is where many companies fail, however Springers were proactive in ensuring everything was understood and that we the customers were happy. Twelve months after installation, we had renovations done at home and a new roof over our outdoor living area unexpectedly compromised some of our existing solar panels. After contacting Springers we were assured that they could come out to our home at their earliest convenience and discuss solutions to the problem. This occurred as did a follow up email with visual images of the proposed solution. Following this we received a phone call to tell us when this proposed work could happen. We actually received the work a week earlier than the date they had projected.

Many companies could learn from the way in which Springers Solar go about their professional practice. I hope you learn however through our experience as outlined in this testimonial what a wonderful company Springers Solar is.

We highly recommend Springers to you.

Brett Kitchener
St. Benedicts Catholic Primary School
Perfectionists are few and far between

Just a quick note to thank you all for your professional service and help last week.

I wanted to thank you in particular James for all that hard work and for caring, which I find is a very rear commodity these days - perfectionists are few and far between.

I may mention that I had previously consulted two auto electricians both of whom nearly had a fit when I showed them the job!

Thank you all once again and of course I will be recommending 'Springers' as the Solar/Battery specialists particularly for Motor Homes.

Barbara Law