What we do

Project Management

he design and construction of parks and recreation assets is only a part of the story of an asset's life cycle. In many cases more will be spent on maintaining the asset in the first 10 years of its life than was spent on its procurement, design and construction. It is particularly important in a government setting that the procurement process leads to solid design outcomes and the ability to maintain the infrastructure in an effective and efficient manner.

Savage Consulting can assist in the effectiveness of grant applications through our understanding of the design, construct, management and eventual disposal of a broad range of assets. We will ensure that the grant application fully considers the financial and community resources required to not only bring the project to fruition, but to operate and manage it affordably into the future.

We also have the skills and experience to effectively manage projects and programs of work, acting on your behalf to squeeze out the best possible outcomes. Director Peter Savages' experience as a manager and director of both local and state government departments provides a solid base to undertake operational and organisational reviews, development of service standards and service level agreements, policy procedure and guidelines reviews and development, mentoring and training. This level of experience is also useful if you need an expert witness on your side in a legal matter pertaining to landscape, parks and open space.


  • Workplace Health and Safety Management System for Ashgrove Tree Services.

Projects undertaken by Peter Savage prior to the establishment of Savage Consulting:

  • Parks and Open Space policy review, Pine Rivers Shire Council.
  • Operational reviews, Parks Departments at Pine Rivers Shire Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council.
  • Levels of Service documentation for Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Contract specifications for parks maintenance for Moreton Bay Regional Council, Pine Rivers Shire Council and Brisbane City Council.
  • Capital Works and Operational Maintenance Policies and Procedures for Department of Community Safety, Queensland.
  • New initiative "Caring for Parks" program ($4.0M visitor infrastructure capital works), QPWS.
  • Training of regional staff in strategic asset management, Queensland Health.